Together with my partner Chris, we sold our stuff at the end of 2015 and boarded a plane from the UK to New Zealand (NZ).

Soon after we arrived in NZ, we bought a regular Toyota Hiace van with the goal to convert it into a van-home while we travel.

ConVERSION 1 was a true Minimum Viable Product, with a couple of simple camp beds balanced in the back. Version 2 was a plywood sleeping platform that we designed and built ourselves, paired with an antique dresser for storage.

Our entire trip was planned for 6 months and we loved each and every second of travel, planning, building, fixing, changing, working and relaxing in the Vanmaison.

On 1st of July we landed back in London, somewhat lost and in-betweeny. What next?

Then, in mid August 2016, the stars aligned and we purchased our new gypsy home project: Odin. Our ‘Boatmaison’. I am currently writing about this restoration project and our transition to liveaboard life over at boatmaison.com.

Martinborough and Cape Palliser, May 2016


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